Multicultural Strategy

Multicultural Strategy

Globalization continues to provide new and exciting avenues for business growth. To successfully expand to new markets, large and small companies alike must overcome cultural and linguistic obstacles to communication.

Many global corporations experience miscommunication and misunderstandings between headquarters and regional offices overseas. Despite the best intentions, internal communications still often miss their mark. At best these
well-intentioned translations simply fail to resonate with local target audiences; at worst they confuse and offend cultural sensitivities.

In a new joint service offering, Magnum Group has partnered with ARTÉMIA Communications to provide an end-to-end strategic consulting communications solution, from content development to localization and transcreation.

With a need for truly global communications now more than ever, our joint teams will work from the ground up to deliver creative campaigns based on the ideas and business objectives our customers are attempting to convey. From these initial concepts, unique content will be developed for each market, ensuring seamless integration with regards to local culture and demographics.

This initiative is spearheaded by Vivian Isaak and Barbara Wichmann, owners and lead consultants at Magnum Group and ARTÉMIA respectively, whose decades of experience and accomplishments have netted them numerous industry awards and accolades. Vivian and Barbara will put their global communications and localization expertise to work for you and are available to advise, partner with, and oversee your internal communications team.

Through this strategic partnership, we provide a turnkey solution for any enterprise seeking unified global communications and localization. Our exceptional team of content developers and top-notch linguists create consistent messaging that cuts across cultures. This unique combined skillset allows us to conduct geo-targeted, socio-demographic, end-to-end campaigns, from concept to roll-out and reporting that deliver your message in an impactful way, each and every time.

Whether you are expanding to non-English-speaking or multilingual audiences in the U.S., launching an existing product in a new foreign market, seeking a globalized brand image for your international enterprise or even require in-house consulting with multicultural internal teams, Magnum Group and ARTÉMIA Communications are here to help.