About Us

Magnum Group, Inc. is an award-winning full-service multilingual communications company established in 1992. Through strategic partnerships in the US and other countries, we are able to apply modern technology and effective project management to help develop successful multicultural communications campaigns.

Magnum Group operates according to the Six Sigma organizational quality system principles. We:

  • Define all parameters such as scope, time and resources before start of project
  • Measure results at every stage of the project via progress reports
  • Analyze possible gaps in the process to avoid project delays
  • Improve processes and fill unforeseen gaps to stay on target
  • Carry out multilevel continuous controls

We serve clients with global operations and international communications requirements. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients by becoming a seamless extension of their communications, marketing, advertising and creative departments.

Dun & Bradstreet ranks our services as excellent in all categories: overall performance, reliability, cost, accuracy, timeliness, business relations, personnel, customer support, and responsiveness.