A Special Year in Review & Holiday Wish

A Special Year in Review & Holiday Wish

As the year winds down, I reflect on how the Internet and information technology have radically transformed the translation industry during the last decade disrupting our profession at its core. Translations are now the result of a collaborative effort and no longer the work product of solo practitioners.

Our role as a language services provider has also changed dramatically. We have moved from translating Word files to discussing the impact a multilingual website can have on your bottom line. We now find ourselves invited to sit at the table to discuss business development and work hand-in-hand with strategists and marketing specialists. Finally, translation is no longer an afterthought, it’s part of business strategy!

In 2015, I created a new identity for Magnum and began referring to our agency as a multilingual communications company. We forged new strategic partnerships and shifted our conversations to how culture matters in terms of diversity and inclusion.

In 2016, we launched ParlExperts, the language arm of Magnum. We marked 2017 by giving the Magnum website a fresh look. You may have noticed the dandelion on our homepage. I selected this image for several reasons. The dandelion represents resilience and determination and symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges. Dandelions use air to propagate. As a multilingual communications company, this method of reproduction resonates with what we do, as air is symbolic of thought and a medium by which thoughts and information flow incessantly. Oh! And there is at least one form of dandelion growing in every part of the world! Yes, on every continent, dandelions grow. How cool is that!?

We recently gathered employees, clients and partners at Material Culture in Philadelphia to celebrate Magnum’s 25th Anniversary. Thank you for helping us create 25 years of incredible memories!

There’s an ancient belief shared among cultures around the world that if you blow on the seeds of a dandelion, you will be granted a wish. This is my wish for you: May you have a bountiful, healthy and happy New Year and, most of all, make time to enjoy each moment!

I would love to hear from you. Please email me at visaak@magnumgroupinc.com